Monday, August 03, 2009

Foreign Born Totally Freel Your Groove, Man

Foreign Born are a Los Angeles-based indie rock group, whose lush, island tunes will make you feel like catching a wave across Rainbow beach, where the sun is a volleyball and the clouds are made of snow-cone.

They're also funky dressers, equally inspired by the '60s and their own imaginations:

All photos (c) Kate Bracaglia for
Do not use without permission.

Nothing says summer like nature-inspired patterns and a little old-school psychedelia!



Birk-G said...


my name is Birk and my hobby is the photography.

Since 2 month I have a blog, where I show the style of Hannover (Germany). You can find it under

Your blog looks very good, so I have put it on my blogroll. Can you do the same, please?

Many thanks und cheers from Germany,

ps: I have sent you this message to your email-adress one week ago

Kate Bracaglia said...

Cool! We added you too - thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

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