Sunday, May 06, 2007

Moda Delirium: Once More with Photos

Shooting photos at Moda Delirium was no easy task. First of all, my old trusty camera (acquired circa 2002) chose that afternoon to die a tragic death and I was forced to borrow a replacement from my housemate Dave. Dave's camera was way more sophisticated, but unfortunately, I hadn't the time to explore its functionality and I spent half the show searching for night mode. Second, I'm on the short side and ended up being sandwiched in the back of the crowd, which meant a good many of my attempts to capture the models on the runway resulted in nice, focused shots of the back of some dude's head. Nonetheless, a few of the shots were salvageable.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if the camera was dying or not, I've never seen so many consistently uninteresting shots on a street fashion blog than I have on Faceadelphia.

Maybe you guys can take the summer to learn how to shoot or find a better photographer?

Rachel Aronson said...

Anonymous from the internet?
You mean so much to us.
Don't ever stop.

Michael said...

i like the last shot. but that lens flare you got going in these photos is crazy. i wonder which button on dave's camera did that?

Michael said...

Last shot as a neon sign.

Rachel Aronson said...

michael, that's a pretty sweet neonification.