Thursday, March 01, 2007

Live Philly: The Best of Flickr

Everyone knows that musicians are some of the most stylish folk around. Here are some of our favorite live shots, from some of our fave Flickr photographers.

Photo Credit: Blackmail Is My Life

The A-Sides!
Photo Credit: Katie L. Thompson

Cansei de Ser Sexy
Photo credit: Oliver J. Lopena

(Ed. Note: Never upload band photos before your morning coffee or you're liable to confuse headliners with their openers. Yeah, we don't know how it happened either. But we're blaming it on the fact that Blogger allows posts at 7 a.m. and sending props to Michael for alerting us of our faux pas. It was a copy-and-pasting error, we swear.)


Michael said...

wouldnt this be spankrock? your picture appears to be beck.

Katie L. Thompson said...

Thanks for the props, folks.